Frequently Asked Questions

We are an automatic rebasing token that provides 4% ETH (BEP20) rewards to all holders.
Rebase is working in this logic, reducing the supply, increasing price to put the chart in a upwards trend.
Meaning that, your tokens may decrease in number after buying but the value will be kept the same! This operation is called “Rebasing”. Decreasing the Total Supply, pumping the Chart to be in Top Gainers. The only thing that you need to check is the actual Market Cap. As an example:
– You’ve spent 100$ and the Market Cap was 100k $. If the Market Cap goes to 200k, you are 2x. During this time, your tokens can decrease. It does not matter as the value will not change (Price Chart is irrelevant)

Your Tokens VALUE is linked with the MarketCap value ONLY. If we perform a Rebase, the Total Circulating of Tokens is reduced, hence, your tokens are also reduced. In this case, the Total VALUE of your bag is NOT affected/reduced when rebasing. The value of your bag will decrease ONLY if the MarketCap goes lower than the point of your purchase!
CoinMarketCap and Coingecko have a delay in updating the actual price of the Token. If we rebase, the total value of your bag may be TEMPORARY decreased on the TrustWallet App till they refresh the price (~10/15 minutes). The PRICE on TrustWallet is collected from CMC !

First of all, DO NOT WORRY if the tokens decrease. The procedure is called “Rebasing”. We decrease the Total Supply to pump the chart !
A rebase (or price-elastic) token is designed in a way that the circulating token supply adjusts (increases or decreases) automatically according to a token’s price fluctuations. This expansion and contraction is what we call a rebase mechanism.
Rebase tokens are somewhat akin to stablecoins, in the sense that they both have price targets. However, unlike stablecoins, rebase tokens’ have an elastic supply, meaning the circulating supply adjusts accordingly to supply and demand, without changing the value of the tokens in users’ wallets.

To receive BEP20 Ethereum rewards, all you have to do is hold PumpETH tokens in your wallet.
Rewards are distributed automatically based on your PumpETH holdings and daily volume.

Add the following BEP20 ETH address to your wallet and watch your holdings rise!


As an incentive to hold your PumpETH tokens, selling any amount of tokens will cause you to lose the privilege to receive any further ETH rewards for the next 12 hours.
Buy at least 1 PUMPETH token after the 12 hours cooldown period to start receiving the rewards again.